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It’s entirely possible that it’s the brides first time being in front of a professional camera at her wedding. She may not be completely comfortable, and she may not quite know how she wants to appear in the photos because of her lack of experience. So, we’ve taken the liberty of crafting a list of 8 wedding photography “do’s and don’ts” to help the big day run smoothly.

1. Do finalize your wedding day schedule
Keep your photographer in the know by finalizing your wedding day schedule. This way, they can determine what kinds of lighting they may need, especially as certain times of the day work well with natural light. Also, it’s important to have a finalized schedule to avoid unflattering shadows or angles.
2. Don’t stray from schedule if possible
Once you have your schedule finalized, it’s important to stick to it. Your photographer will have ideas and potential shots planned, which is to say being late or shifting things around will make it so the photographer has to change their shots, too. Discussing potential scheduling issues with your photographer will help them plan alternate shots.
3. Do consider a second shooter
While you have one main photographer, it’s a great idea to consider having a second shooter at your wedding. Why? The second shooter can get unique shots, a new perspective, or tackle other shots you wouldn’t get otherwise. Imagine how wonderful a wedding album with both groom and bride’s perspectives would be!
4. Don’t focus on taking photos (too much)
Organic shots are much easier to take when you’re not worried about the photos themselves. A great photographer will be able to take artistic, beautiful, and personal portraits throughout the day. If you spend a lot of time focusing on taking photos, you may miss out on your special day.
5. Do consider a “first look”
A first look is when a couple takes their “couple” shots prior to the ceremony. In the past, couple photos happened right after the ceremony, prior to the reception. But, consider doing a “first look” instead, because you can head right to the party post-ceremony. You won’t feel the need to rush these pictures that way. And who really wants to rush some of the most important photos of the day?
6. Don’t forget to smile
There are ways to make sure people in photographs look great. For one thing, it’s important to smile. When the wedding party and all those involved walk down the aisle, smiling adds warmth to the photos that’ll be taken at that time. If all else fails and party members are anxious or nervous and don’t smile, be sure to remind the party to keep their eyes up. This helps bring the chin up, and get rid of any potential double-chin issues.
7. Do explain how you want to look in the photographs
Everyone has an opinion about how they look, good or bad. You’ll want to let your photographer know how you prefer to look, so they can be prepared to get shots that will capture that essence. Try and take a look at photographs of yourself that you love, and share them with your photographer so they can have an idea of what you’re looking for.
8. Don’t forget the details
Unfortunately, your photographer can’t read your mind, so it’s important to let them know what details you want to focus on. Are the bows on the back of the chairs homemade? Are the centerpieces stunning? Is the calligraphy on the invitations personalized? Be sure to let the photographer know what details you want captured on the big day.

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