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Business Headshots in Raleigh, NC
It’s in the Details
LinkedIn, company websites, and personal portfolios shine when they’re crafted around a great corporate headshot. When potential employers are browsing profiles on LinkedIn, they’ll be drawn to professional looking pictures of potential hires. Corporate headshots posted on a “team” page of a company website help provide relatability. By being able to see who is involved in a company, clients or potential customers will be able to identify with the company. Here are some things your photographer wants you to know before your corporate or profile headshot.
Makeup: Do or Don’t?
There are a great many things that can be solved with a little bit of retouching post-photography session. Blemishes and wrinkles are some common concerns, but don’t worry. They can be retouched very simply. This gets rid of the need for heavy concealers and thick foundation.
Plan to bring some translucent powder with you to the shoot. A layer of translucent powder can help trick the camera into giving you flawless skin. Avoid shimmery products or products that deposit any kind of shine or sparkle.
On that note, your photographer would like to remind you that it’s important (if you’re wearing makeup) to create a look that mimics your everyday makeup. Having a headshot that resembles you is important, so only apply the necessary makeup to enhance your look.
Keep new color and new cuts off your schedule until your headshot has been taken. Hair dye or color can look very vibrant on camera if it has been recently done. The same theory goes for haircuts. If you’re planning on a new cut or new color, schedule your appointment at least two weeks prior to the photoshoot. Or, wait until afterwards.
If you have a beard, try to groom it well. Trim the longer hairs to keep your beard looking well-groomed and professional.
Both men and women should stay away from bold patterns. Headshots are a great way to convey a conservative, professional persona.
For men, clothing choices should be classic. Suit coats in dark colors like gray and navy are great choices. Patterns on your shirt should stray way from herringbone or grid-like patterns. Shirts with thin stripes that are farther apart are good choices instead. Choose a tie that isn’t made of a reflective, shiny material. The tie should help bring your suit jacket and shirt together, so choose a tie color that’s somewhere between them.
For women, it’s important to focus on a classic look too. Here’s a good guideline to follow: you shouldn’t be able to tell what the year is from the photo. What that means is it’s best to choose pieces that are classic like a navy blazer and an off-white blouse. V-neck blouses are very flattering on most women, however it’s important to keep cleavage covered. Stay away from a turtleneck!
Jewelry, like makeup, is better simple. Stud earrings and a tasteful necklace can be more than enough.

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