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Professinal-photographer-in-Raleigh_NC_TSS7806-1024x678 How to get the best Family Photo: Advice from a Professional Photographer in Raleigh, NC
Family photo by professional photographer in Raleigh, NC
How Photography Has Changed Over the Years–Getting the Fresh Family Photo

In terms of photography and its practice, the time span it has occupied is relatively short. The first methods for capturing the likenesses of people were not only crude and delicate, but they also were a fairly exhausting process for the photographer and the subject(s.)

From the Beginning to Now
From the beginning of the first photography, there was a growing demand for portraiture emerging from the middle class during the Industrial Revolution. While many families could not afford to have family portraits painted in oils, they could afford to have a photo taken, and photos were not only less expensive, they required much less time to complete. This furthered the rise in the popularity of photography. But enough about the past, here’s where we are now…

Today’s Outdoor Photography in a Nutshell
The most important reason to ever stage a photo session outdoors and on location is typically due to a particular spot or location that bears significant meaning or symbolism that whispers an unexpressed dimension of meaning. The critical positioning and settings only begin with location, and from this point, the defining aspects of the photograph depend on a number of factors like lighting and how it illuminates on the best side of the subject’s face. While in earlier days, such details may have not mattered, but we now live in a pressure cooker of “best,” and often we get the one chance to make our impression on the world. Outdoor photography definitely reveals the versatility of its subject, and, given the specific parameters, the outdoor subject will emerge as powerful and vital. This is why it is crucial to hire a seasoned photographer in NC who is familiar with the layout of the land they are shooting in.

A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words
There are numerous theories as to why our first photographed ancestors were never shown smiling in the photos made of them. Some say it was thought that a smiling photo likeness would make the subject appear idiotic. Mark Twain announced “A photograph is a most important document, and there is nothing more damning to go down to posterity than a silly, foolish smile caught and fixed forever.” Then there are those who carry stories about reality of the times that reveal the greater number of the population not being in possession of a full set of teeth. Bags under the eyes and wrinkles were thought to appear more prominently during a smile. And there was nothing that looked less reputable than a forced smile, which would make the subject appear to be shifty or to be having hidden intentions. From the fine art point of view, the best portraits are more about the eyes and the pose, anyway, and not the smile. My how times have changed!

Today’s Family Portraits
With the speed of today’s photography, smiles can be captured instantaneously, and this means that they don’t have to be forced. An experienced family photographer knows how to engage the family in antics and conversation that provoke laughter and relaxation–so feel free to smile for your family portrait. There are other steps you can take to ensure that your family portrait is the very best it can be:
•Dress: Keep it simple. Avoid patterns and busy or large prints and sharply contrasting outfits. White clothing highlights wrinkles and adds lbs. black shows little detail. You don’t have to all be wearing the exact same color, but try to keep everyone’s outfit in a somewhat close range of agreeable colors. Distinctions in outfits draw the attention away from the faces of the subjects. Make sure everyone is wearing clothing to represent the same season. Nothing worse than Mom wearing a thick turtleneck sweater and the children wearing sleeveless, summer weight tops or sun dresses.
•Hair: Do not wait until the day before or the day of to get a haircut. If a haircut is needed, have one no closer than one week to the date. Same thing with hair coloring, and hair styles. Do not use a photo session as an opportunity to try out a new hairdo. And men, shave right before your photo session, even if you shaved that morning.
•Clothing: Try to match the color value of your undergarments with the color of your tops, shirts, skirts and dresses: dark with dark and light with light. Avoid wearing anything that is sheer enough to reveal undergarments–a big detraction.

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