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How the Right Photos Can be Your Most Valuable Marketing Tool

The old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words” was borne out of a truth, and it’s wound up being a truth that will apparently never cease to be, as pictures captivate us, much more than the most prolific prose, no matter how freshly it is arranged on a page, no matter how artistic the font, and no matter how brilliant the information. Perhaps this phenomenon is somehow tied in with our early years in primary school, when we were being instructed in how to read–and continuing to this day for many of us who, when presented with a book, pamphlet, periodical or other will first look for any available pictures, mostly in the hopes that they will be informative enough that we will be saved from the arduous task of having to actually read some printed words. People always prefer gazing at pictures over having to glean their info from reading printed info, and will form their own opinions based on just what they see, and how easy it is to see it.

Sealing the Deal
When it comes to the most effective online representation, it seems that online consumers just can’t get enough of cool and enticing images that draw their eyes in the direction of making a purchase. In fact, quite often, a sale can be directly attributed to a professional looking photo that was effectively placed on a web site. Apparently, there is hidden power in a highly subliminal fashion that can become a business’ greatest online resource. Really, it’s all about perception, and there is no more able tool for generating perception than a photographic image. And often, an online sale is made from a viewer’s good perception of the product.

What a Professional Photographer Can do For Your Sales
If your business is small, you are just starting up or you don’t think you can justify hiring a professional Raleigh photographer to take your photos for your web presence, you should probably think again. It might seem at first to be a luxury expense, however when you look at the bigger picture (no pun intended,) you will realize that whatever money and resources you dedicate toward making sure that every single photo representing your business is ideal, you will be increasing your profit margin tremendously. A professional photographer has a highly developed eye for detail that enables him or her to notice aspects of a picture that may subtly add to or detract from the picture’s “sellability.” A good photograph is like having several great salespeople, and you would have to pay them a salary, but a photo works for free.

Zero in on the Product You are Selling
There are numerous tricks that professional photographers in NC use to create a special feeling for people who will view a photographed image. Background blurring is highly effective in creating a cameo of the image in a way that is flattering and prevents the eye of the viewer from wandering or being misled. It also eliminates the chance of the subject being associated with any particular environment or other products.

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