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TSS2133 Raleigh Photographer
Raleigh Portrait Photographer

All About Scala

Anyone can take a picture, but it takes an inborn talent to know how and when the moment is just right, and this is what separates the pros from everyone else with a smartPhone or

camera. There are numerous times when, if you did not have a photographic device, the moment would simply go unrecorded. Thanks to modern technology, it’s a rarity when there is not at

least one person who can capture a spontaneous moment with some sort of device. Spontaneous memorable moments are occurring around us all the time, but what about the times when

you just cannot risk relying on the quality of a selfie?  Do you feel you could you totally depend on the ability of a friend or family member to produce an array of stellar photographs that

aptly reveal the life of the moment or the heart of the subject? Time to engage the professional services of a Raleigh event photographer.

Why Scala Photography?

When any occasion calls for photographic services, it’s best to place your trust in the hands of a professional, and whether it’s wedding photography, resume photography, architectural

photography, a family portrait or all of the other life events, you can make sure that the photographs you keep are perfect. If you are looking for a top Raleigh photographer, Scala

Photography, with 20 plus years of experience is a sure thing. From shooting dignitaries in the public eye such as US Secretary of Labor Perez or simply capturing the first moments of a

child’s life, you want and need your photographs to reflect the deeper qualities that are inherent in life’s prized moments, and it’s important to trust a professional with experience–but

simply having many years of experience is insufficient. Scott Scala is one of North Carolina’s most accomplished photographers, with the majority of his business coming his way from people

who have seen his work and want the same quality for their photographs. His love of photography is evident in every photograph he creates. He has a unique way of isolating the heart of a

moment, the personality of a subject and preserving it in time.

Location, Location Location

Scala Photography offers clients the option of a studio session in their comfortable studio, which is located in Apex, or on-site, at one or more of numerous area scenic locations in and

around the triangle. It depends on your particular needs and the type of photography you desire. Scala shoots most of his work digitally, but retains the flexibility to work with film when

appropriate. Wherever you choose to schedule your photo session, Scala Photography has found a way to provide clients with a fun and casual experience that will be rewarding. When you are

“posing” for pictures, you typically look awkward, at best. Being in a casual and relaxing environment, it’s easier to slip into your “best” self, and any shots of you will always look their

best. It’s all in the detail and this is what sets this NC photographer apart from all of the rest!

Seizing the Opportune Moments

Adequate photographic chronicling of any event requires a keen eye matched by true talent and impeccable timing. Anyone seeking professional services for their event wants to know that

their event will be portrayed in the most visually flattering manner. So much work goes into producing any type of event,with many wedding productions being the most taxing ones. The

extraordinary effort required to pull an event of this magnitude can be shocking, however once all is said and done, all the hard work was worth it. Make sure that the quality of photographs

of your event matches the caliber of ambiance you have strived to convey. It’s not like you can go back and restage an event. After the event has ended, you are left with the photographs that

were made at the time–no more, no less. It’s important to know you can depend on an NC event photographer who is talented, experienced and capable of giving your event the image it


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