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DJI_0071-1024x575 Real Estate Drone Photography in Raleigh, NC
Aerial Photography for Commercial Real Estate in Raleigh, NC

Real Estate Drone Photography
The Go anywhere, be anywhere capabilities that drones have enabled for an unfathomable myriad of purposes is really only just beginning to pick up speed, and where it will take us is anyone’s guess. Also referred to by the military as UAS–Unmanned Aircraft Systems, and have been in use by armed forces for quite some time now. As they’re moving into the public sector, drones are opening up exciting possibilities in an infinite range of applications. While the whole concept of drone technology, it either produces good excitement or bad excitement, but regardless of how you may feel about it, drone technology is here to stay, so bid any former notions of your privacy farewell. OR, follow the military’s lead and get yourself a bald eagle and train it to “take down” drones that may be infringing on your activity. Before you go that far, make sure you learn about some of the ways in which drone photography is making life better for so many people and processes.

Real Estate is Soaring to New Heights
In 2015, the FAA issued over 500 permits for drones to be used commercially, with specific user rules outlined for licensees to follow. Guess which industry comprised the lion’s share of applicants/recipients? If you answered anything other than real estate, you would have guessed wrong, as over 30% of those approvals were extended to professionals within the real estate industry. Drone-managed viewing of homes provides sellers with incredible, never-before captured aerial videos, poised to become the next big game-changer in fuller-reaching real estate capabilities with such impressive, in-depth imagery. While your first thought might have to do with a flat “Why?,” consider the following:
• Enabling an aerial view provides prospective buyers with detailed imagery of the entire property, and also reveal potential extraneous ambient influence as it pertains to factors on
all adjacent and nearby properties.
• Home searches for families with growing children are enhanced by a view of the walk to school, a park, community pool or other potential destinations.
• Provides a clear visual showing any LIDs (Local Improvement Districts,) as well as any other nearby issues that would affect living, property values and taxes.
• Drone views facilitate the production of streamlined property maps and surveys.

More Affordable than Planes
Before drone viewing capabilities, clients in need of aerial property views, along with agents obtaining elevated property photos were limited to hiring-out airplanes and helicopters–costing hundreds to thousands of dollars for every flight. And obviously,the funds were simply not there for showing buyers such helpful views for all listings. With drones to capture properties from an elevated angle, the initial investment in the equipment needed, as well as special camera attachments is all quite moderately priced, and quickly pays for itself. And previous restrictions become a thing long-gone, with aerial footage readily obtainable any time it’s deemed helpful. The array of specific drone equipment selected, drones can be used for stills, video or both. Editing is very user-friendly, and can be accomplished using a variety of tools, and best of all–without the need to hire an airplane pilot. While time constraints or other responsibilities may be well-served by outsourcing the drone photography you want, the cost will be a welcome relief, with no need for hiring an airplane or helicopter.

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