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ABC’s of Real Estate Photography

Photos tell a story. When you’re conducting a photoshoot of residential real estate, you’re telling the story of the house, condo, townhouse, or apartment for the next tenants or owners. Of course, you want to tell the best story possible. Don’t worry, with Scala Photography’s design oriented techniques, a reminder of the essentials of shooting residential real estate photography will help you ensure everything will be picture perfect.

Bring the right equipment
Investing in the right kind of equipment will boost your ability to take the best shots possible! For residential real estate photography, you will want to pack a wide-angle lens for your camera. Why? A wide-angle lens will help emphasize the space and showcases depth of the rooms you’re shooting. It helps bring focus to the details and the best-selling points of the house or property.
Plan to bring more than one flash with you. For smaller rooms, closets, and bathrooms, one flash might be perfect. But in a larger area? You might need more than one. Properties that have a very open floorplan would benefit from more lights to showcase just how inviting they are. Light stands could be helpful, too.
Don’t forget your tripod! A tripod will be helpful in so many ways; your horizontal angles will be smooth and straight without a doubt.
Every shot needs a purpose
If every photo needs a purpose, remove distractions so the real beauty of the property will shine through. Personal touches can be removed to help potential buyers or renters see themselves in the home or location. When you look through your lens, you’ll be able to see potential distractions like magnets, family photos, or bathroom accessories. Keep an eye out for those details, and your photos will be polished, letting the feel of the home shine through.
All about those angles and placement
When you choose the placement of your camera, it is wise to think about how the rooms are connected. Shooting straight into a room is going to make it seem like the walls are closing in. Emphasize space and room connections with your shots, like setting up in a place where you can shoot both the “great room” and the kitchen. Buyers are interested in space, so showcase it!
Be sure to opt for horizontal angles and stay away from a vertical orientation. By sticking with a landscape orientation or a horizontal angle, you’re appealing to prospective buyers’ or renters’ eyes. People find landscape pictures more appealing.
Prep the property
One of the quickest ways to turn someone off of a property? Dirt! If a property hasn’t been cleaned, or prepped, it’ll be difficult to showcase its splendor. With your high-quality camera, you’ll be able to see the small stain in the rug or the dust lining the ceiling fans. While you might be able to edit some of those things out, ensuring the property has been prepped will save you some time and patience!
Contact a Professional
If you feel overwhelmed with the task or you just want great images to sell your property quickly, contact a professional real estate photographer! Professionals have great gear and the talent to produce amazing images that will get your property noticed.

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