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Once upon a time, when virtual tours first came out within the real estate industry, any listing that included one was instantly elevated way above the rest. That didn’t last too long, though, as just as soon as a few were available, everyone in the business caught on and realized the significant benefit of providing visuals to totally revolutionize the manner in which real estate is packaged for sale. What this means is that (even though they are, in and of themselves supremely valuable marketing tools,) virtual tours have become not only prevalent but essential components of sellability in real estate, across the board. Further, this means that a basic virtual tour must be rendered in a way in which it will draw the interest of shoppers, and be distinguished from all the other options on the market.

Real Estate Made Simple and Easy–and Improved
Virtual tours for real estate now feature a wealth of components that take them to the next level, and as always, the very best reason for providing virtual tours is because busy real estate shoppers can do the majority of their shopping and screening process without ever having to leave the comfort of their own chair. And now, the most recent innovation comes to provide the closest possible experience to “being there” than ever available previously. Video tours are able to give buyers the most lifelike feel for the home or property and neighborhood without having to coordinate schedules with a real estate agent, or needing to remove their shoes at anyone’s front door. Not only do these videos save time, they also save huge on a lot of frustration and disappointment or shock.

Other Benefits of Virtual Imagery in Home Sales
Virtual tours and professionally made videos help a for sale property to truly stand out from the crowd, which results in a fast sale for sellers, but additionally, sellers don’t have to be concerned with a large volume of traffic moving through their homes, which is a real plus. Interactive floor plans offer an excellent way for buyers to have all the important information about the home’s layout and floor plan. Typically centered around an overall map, which users can view and click on specific areas to access photos from that specific target, and from multiple vantage points, too. A real added value to virtual tours is available, whereby floor, cabinet and wall colors and materials can be changed almost infinitely, and all at the click of a mouse. There is software that goes even further, by allowing users to move home components around and see what a variety of improvements and modifications might look like.

Beyond the Property
The best virtual tours will include a map with ample links to included photographic representation of the general area and community at large. Visual imagery of area schools, shopping, dining and more can aid much in the selling of any property.

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