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Scala Photopgraphy: We Deliver Every Time

Scala Photography is full service professional photography service in Raleigh and its surrounding areas, with

over 20 years of experience in creating lasting memories for many of our clients. Our photo sessions are casual,

fun, effortless, and thoroughly enjoyable. We specialize in wedding photography and bridal portraits,

family & Child portraits, events, and real estate photography.

We have been part of many couples’ special day, making it even more special and memorable by eternalizing

their memories forever. We believe that every couple is different and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach cannot be

applied. That is why we offer customizable wedding photography packages to suit every couple’s specific

needs. Our wedding package includes a bridal portrait, engagement photos, as well as captures moments from

every event, right from pre-wedding preparations to the grand send off.

Here are some tips from us to you, on how every lovely bride and dapper groom can take amazing pictures on

their wedding day:

Meet your wedding photographer prior to your wedding day

It is important that every bride and groom feels comfortable with their wedding photographer. That is why it is

crucial to meet them prior to your wedding day so that you may be able to develop a rapport with them, and

more importantly, discuss what kind of shot you would like. Be sure to ask your photographer for lots of

references so that you can shortlist the ones you like, and finally choose one.

Don’t be afraid to get creative

Your wedding portfolio should include some classic shots, but don’t be afraid to walk down the creative lane!

Your photographer might suggest something that you haven’t considered before. Have an open mind and try it

out. Walk off that beaten path and you may wind up with something truly unique.

Set aside enough time for your wedding photos

You don’t want to be rushing around trying to get your wedding photographs out of the way so that you can

move onto more critical aspects. Remember, your wedding photographs eternalize your big day, so you must be

prepared to dedicated ample amount of time to get it just right. Speak to your photographer and ask them for a

time estimate for your shoot. Things like group shots tend to take longer, so factor details like that in.


This is your big day and it is finally here! It is natural for every bride and groom to be nervous on their wedding

day, but what really helps is if you take a deep breath and relax. Stop worrying about the caterers or stressing

about the flowers. Instead, just concentrate on basking in on your big moment. And don’t forget to smile!

Have fun

Your wedding day is the most important day in your life and you should be able to enjoy it. Remember to let all

the worries and stress go and just have fun and enjoy the moment. When you are having fun, it will show in

your wedding pictures. After all, a wedding is a day of celebration!

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Raleigh, NC, you owe it to yourself to check out Scala Photography!

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Wedding Photos Raleigh, NC by Scala Photography
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