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Raleigh-Wedding-Photographer.SCA7022 Wedding Photography Tips from wedding photographer in Wake Forest, NC
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Your Special Day–Getting the Looks You Want in Pictures

When you are preparing for a photo shoot with a professional wedding photographer in Raleigh, you have a significant role to play in the process of achieving the best result. This is not to devalue the importance of finding a reputable professional photographer’s services, however there are several things you can do to enhance the final outcome. What follows are some aspects to be aware of, and not only for a professional photography shoot but even when you are taking a “selfie” – that will greatly contribute to your photo satisfaction, everytime.

A Record of Your Time
Anytime professional portrait photographs are made, what you end up with is a moment of your life that is recorded for all time. Most often, the portraits that you have made today will remain here long after you do, so naturally you want to look your very best. Here are some tricks of the trade that you can think about as your photography shoot draws near.

Put Your Best “Feature” Forward
Take a few moments to have a realistic look at yourself in a mirror, and also look at past photographs to find your best features. Often, for the majority of people it is their eyes, which are the greatest signifier of emotions and true feelings. Some people have fantastic lips or a strong jawline. High cheekbones are an asset for others. Whatever your best feature is, make it be the focus of your poses so that it will be prominently featured in your photograph.

The Right Angle
While your best physical asset is important, the angle at which you are posed in a photograph can play a very important role in just how your best features look even better. You might even want to enlist the help of a friend to take several practice shots of you in different poses and from all angles to determine just which ones work the best for you. When you go in to the photographer’s studio, take your favorites along so that you can share them to easily express your pose preferences.

What You Put on IS Important.
You start out with your natural assets, however how you present them is greatly influenced by everything you “add” to the equation. Extras include the way you dress for your photo shoot, along with hairstyle and the makeup you wear. And while it is applied differently, men can often use makeup for the sake of eliminating shine or dark circles from under the eyes. Putting on makeup for a photo shoot is not the same as applying stage makeup, so be careful not to go overboard here. Adding a hint more attention around the eyes and a little blush is fine, but just be careful. Whether you wear lipstick or not, a little gloss will help you look fresh and alive. Conceal your blemishes and shade variations while highlighting your strong features. In terms of clothing, you probably already know which types of necklines and/or collars look best on you, and if you don’t know already, take some time to hold up outfits of different colors to yourself while looking in a mirror to see which are the most flattering for you. Avoid prints and busy designs and make sure clothes are not too fitted or too loose.
You’ll be amazed at how far these simple tips will take your photos from flat to fab!

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